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Mountain Hotel Srdiečko TMR Demänovská Dolina, Demänovská Dolina Accommodation

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Hotel Srdiečko *** Chopok Juh - Horna Lehota 112 - Brezno - Low Tatras...

Enjoy great ski in ski out location of the hotel right next to the cable car departure station right at the top of Chopok. Srdiečko *** Hotel has a recent renovation and you are welcome in a brand new Ski Lounge , in a brand new wellness center. Hotel Srdiečko *** is the right place for a winter vacation with a friendly and caring atmosphere of the hotel chalet.

Sit in a comfortable chair , enjoy a crackling fireplace and take in views of the majestic Chopok directly . Our new Ski Lounge can visit directly from the slopes - the cable car departure station is just a few meters away.

Hotel Srdiečko *** Chopok Juh - Horná Lehota 112 - Brezno - Nízké Tatry - Low Tatras: is a popular holiday destination since 1958 and holds a tradition of friendly and ardent alpine care. In 2013, was renovated and you can look forward to more news.

Hotel Srdiečko *** Chopok Juh - Horná Lehota 112 - Brezno - Nízké Tatry - Low Tatras - Rooms and Apartments: Choose from a range of single, double and family rooms or apartments designed to accommodate a wide range of equally your taste. Whether you come as a couple and looking for comfort in a quiet environment , with the family that is enjoying a day full of activities, or with friends and want to experience an unforgettable holiday Hotel Mountain Heart flexibly adapts to your wishes. The price of three-star standard we have values ​​that can not be represented by the number of stars - friendly staff, hospitable atmosphere , traditional cuisine , the Low Tatras , plus the immediate proximity of the ski resort and the starting point for hiking.

Hotel Srdiečko *** Chopok Juh - Horná Lehota 112 - Brezno - Nízké Tatry - Low Tatras - Apartment: Guests wishing you and your family to indulge during their stay more comfortable intended 2 spacious apartments for 4 people for the afternoon siesta time during hot summer days or long winter evenings with good food and wine. They include a bedroom with a double bed and its own bathroom and living room with couch that can be used as an occasional bed . Rooms are complex reconstruction, massive wooden decorated in mountain style furniture, act pleasant and comfortable feel. Their course equipped with a telephone and a color TV connected to satellite. Unlike single, double and family rooms offer comfort and whirlpool bath.

Hotel Srdiečko *** Chopok Juh - Horná Lehota 112 - Brezno - Nízké Tatry - Low Tatras also offers accommodation for groups , conference services and the possibility to organize team-building activities that you like " tailor sews " our outdoor team.

Type of rooms
2 bedroomApartmentAdditional bed

Furnishings of rooms: shower, toilet in room, TV, telefon, sat tv, WI-FI

Basic information: Information service, medical services to hand, depository bicycle, reserved parking Lot, WI-FI, restaurant, free parking

Credit cards: EuroCard/MasterCard, Maestro, Visa

Number of floors: 3

Elevation above-sea-level: 1213

Accessibility of facility:

Airport name: (50 km)

Spa services:

Description of spa facility: Welcome to new Wellness world in mountain hotel Srdiečko. Let yourselves be enchanted by the beauty, comfort and regain energy after an all-day activity. You found the place of relax and tranquillity in a magic location at the altitude of 1213 m.a.s.l. Enjoy the wonderful views at the range of the Low Tatras from our outdoor whirlpool. SPA Facilities Steam Sauna: Steam bath with herbal essential oil affects mainly the respiratory system and helps relieve the smooth muscles. As a result, deeper breathing occurs and the body is better oxygenated. Temperature: 45°C Relative humidity: 80 – 100% Recommended length of stay: 10 – 20 min Effects: relaxing, regenerative, immune system strenghtening, revitalising Contraindications: infectious conditions, festering skin diseases, fungus, infections, accute fever conditions, conditions after deep thrombosis, malignant tumours, epilepsy, urinary or bowel incotinence, pregnancy Infra sauna: Perfect environment for relax and effective regeneration of your organism. This type of sauna proportionally heats up not only the surface, but deeper parts of the body as well. Temperature: 40 °C Relative humidity: 10% Treatment repetition: 2 - 3x 10 - 20 min each Recommended lentgh of stay: 20 - 30 min After sauna: freshen up with cool or warm water Effects: detoxifying, regenerative, immune system strengthening, speeds up metabolism, anticellulite, overal physical and mental relief Contraindications: pregnancy, surgical implants, hemophillia or other bleeding conditions, fever, infectious conditions, hypertension, malignant tumors, epilepsy, skin conditions of any origin that are not healing Relax room: A fundamental part of every wellness centre is the relax room. Relax and rest is important mainly because of the temperature shocks occuring after cycles of heating and cooling. Close your eyes and treat yourselves to perfect relief for your body and mind. Outdoor whirlpool on the terrace Capacity: 4-5 persons Temperature: 36 – 42°C Effects: helps fast regeneration of mental strength after exhaustion and stress. The combination of warm water, wafting and massage at the same time aids blood circulation, attenuates pain and in a matter of few minutes relieves muscles and the whole body tired after physical or mental work. Whirlpool contraindications: Acute inflammations, fever and infectious diseases, Skin and dermis tumors, Heart attack and cardial insufficiency, Kidney failure, Skin defects in the point of injection, Varicose veins and conditions after thrombophlebitis Cooling showers: Finish your sauna relax with a cooling shower or water jet, which will guarantee pleasant blood circulation in skin. Cooling has beneficial effects on whole circulatory and immune system. Finnish sauna: Finnish sauna has beneficial effects on your health and it is great as prevention against various illnesses. Its main effect is the relief of movement muscles followed by overal relaxation. Temperature: 90 - 100°C Relative humidity: 10% Recommended length of stay: max 15 min Treatment repetition: 2 - 3x After sauna: cool down with cold water Effects: hyperemic, relaxing, regenerative, revitalising, immune system strenghtening, stimulative, overal physical and mental relief Contraindications: all acute conditions, overactive thyroid, bleeding conditions, conditions after vein inflammations, epilepsy, infectious diseases, hypertension, decompensated diabetes mellitus, malignant tumors, skin defects of any origin that are not healing.

Spa services: Wellness hotel


Description of restaurant: We offer you a rich breakfast from day to day, over a delicious dinner with friends and acquaintances to formal events and events. Restaurant in our hotel is always ready to meet the demands of your appetite. Delicious cuisine and delicious menu does the same delight your eyes and mouth. Tasteful decoration accompanied by mountain environment and the selection of Slovak cuisine, make it successful evergreen any occasion.

Pleasant atmosphere in an elegant fireplace can coffee lovers, good music and sweet delicacies enjoyed in the cozy Ski Lounge bar.


Sport activity opportunities:
Ski school, Centre winter sports, Ski lift, Ski rental, Ski routes, Bike routes, Whirpool

Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

DatePer person
1.12-21.12od/in 27
22.12-30.11od/in 32

Currency: EUR

Price includes:
Sale/ payments: Price per person per night with breakfast in the room occupied by 2 persons.

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Mountain Hotel Srdiečko TMRMountain Hotel Srdiečko TMRMountain Hotel Srdiečko TMR
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