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Resort Beatrice Depandance Anička Tatranská Lomnica, Tatranská Lomnica Accommodation

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Resort Beatrice Depandance Anička Tatranska Lomnica - unterkunft Vysoké Tatry - High Tatras...

Thanks to its advantageous location, the suite house is easily accessible by car, bus or train. In the vicinity; there is a ski resort with the highest and also the longest ski slope in Slovakia, guaranteeing the best ski holiday on the sunny side of the High Tatras. The peak of Lomnický štít with the altitude of 2,633 m keeps ward over the village of Tatranská Lomnica. You may access it with an aerial cableway and enjoy the unique view of beautiful peaks and valleys of the High Tatras. In the immediate vicinity you can find a number of hiking trails accessible both in winter and in summer, amazing natural sceneries, pure nature, and picturesque villages with still-surviving folk elements.

Villa Anička pension : A two-storey house suitable for 4-6 persons. There are 4 fixed beds in the house with the option of 2 extra beds. On the ground floor there is an entrance hall and a living room, satellite TV, folding sofa, kitchen unit (double hotplate, fridge, microwave oven, tea kettle, basic inventory), bathroom with a shower and a toilet. Upstairs there is a room with 4 beds with a double bed and two separate beds. Garden furniture.

Type of rooms

Furnishings of rooms: shower, toilet in room, TV, rooms in dining nook, microwave, double boiling ring, kettle

Basic information: Information service, medical services to hand, reserved parking Lot

Elevation above-sea-level: 2600 m n m

Description of vicinity: In Tatranská Lomnica you can find tennis courts, soccer field, volleyball field, golf, mini-golf, ski lifts, skating rink, cinema, billiards, and many different restaurants. A botanical garden is situated here, presenting most of the wild plants and flowers growing in the Tatra region, and also the museum of the Tatra National Park, where wild animals living in the Tatras are exposed. By a cable car you can get to the Peak Lomnický štít (2,633 m), one of the highest peaks in the Carpathians.

Approximately 400 m from Villa Beatrice there is a small ski lift with artificial snowing throughout the winter. The station of the cable car linking Tatranská Lomnica with a higher situated ski resort is located approximately within 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Here you can enjoy great skiing at a rather difficult terrain. By a chair lift you can get up to 2200 m, and from this altitude you can ski down – directly to the hotel, if snow conditions allow it. In Tatranská Lomnica there are several ski lifts for the beginners with a simple terrain. There are ski schools here, and private lessons are affordable. In the Tatras there are several other ski resorts. Also in the Low Tatras, 60 km to the south, you can find conditions for great skiing in many resorts with excellently developed ski lift system. The easiest transport to these resorts is in your own car.

Suggestions for hikes:

Skating: During the winter months you can find a natural ice rink with skates rental in Lomnica. In the near Poprad (15 km), there is a large ice rink hall.

Tennis: The recently opened sports hall offers the opportunity to play tennis at any time throughout the year. In the summer months you can use outdoor tennis courts.

Golf: Approximately 3 km from Tatranská Lomnica there is a 27-hole golf course in lovely surroundings with mountains in the background.

Hiking: It is certainly the most popular activity in this area. There is a variety of different ways of transport that will facilitate the access to the starting place for your hiking trail. The whole area of the Tatras is threaded with hiking trails. At an altitude of approximately 2000 m you can find mountain chalets where you can sleep if you decide to go to one of the longer and more difficult hikes, or in case you decide to conquer some of the peaks. The staff of these chalets will gladly prepare various kinds of food for you, so you do not have to carry very large food supplies with you. You will find here plenty of easy hiking trails, more difficult trails, but also plenty of climbing opportunities; your selection of the trail depends only on your physical condition. It is very unwise to go hiking without the necessary equipment, which means without a map and a tourist guide, especially if you decide for a more difficult climb. It is also necessary to keep in mind that the weather can change during your hike from the completely clear sky to the rain storm in just a few minutes. It is always necessary to inform the hotel reception which trail you have chosen, how many people you are in a group and when approximately you expect to return from the hike.

Climbing: This area is well-known to climbers from near and far for its excellent climbing opportunities. However, it is necessary to bring a climbing gear with you, because there are no rentals of this type in this area at all. In the mountain chalets you can find hand-made maps and explanations to diverse climbs.

Cycling: There are plenty of excellent cycle routes here, both natural and challenging for experienced cyclists, or classic asphalt roads between villages, towns and settlements of the High Tatras. Without any problems you can rent mountain bikes.

Thermal swimming pool: Slovakia is widely known for a number of spas with hot and healing springs. At a distance of approximately one hour from Tatranská Lomnica you can find several great natural thermal pools. Some of them are in operation throughout the whole year. In the neighbouring village you can find a so-called Water World (indoor pool) with many different kinds of saunas and hydrotherapy.

Caves: In Slovakia it is also possible to find many caves of different types: limestone caves, ice caves and aragonite cave (one of two located in Europe). The most famous and most magnificent caves are open to the public, and if you decide to visit them, you will have the possibility of a guided tour of the cave.

Architecture and history: In the vicinity of Villa Beatrice there are many historically interesting places, such as the town Levoča with its famous Gothic altar, the highest in the world, 18.62 m high, in the Church of St. Jakub (the altar was made of linden wood at the workshop of Master Pavol in the 18th century), medieval ruins of Spiš Castle recorded in the list of the world natural and cultural heritage of UNESCO, a nearby village Ždiar with its beautifully painted wooden houses, and many beautiful castles, palaces and monasteries.

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Description of restaurant: You may order breakfast served in the main building of the Beatrice Resort or you may prepare meals on your own.


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8.1-25.1259 - 89 (4 osoby/person)
26.12-7.1139 (4 osoby/person)


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Resort Beatrice Depandance AničkaResort Beatrice Depandance AničkaResort Beatrice Depandance Anička
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